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No Time To Die

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Posted on: 30th Nov 2021 6:14 am
No Time to Die has passed $750 million globally at the box office after 9 weeks of release.

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Posted on: 24th Oct 2021 11:07 pm
No Time to Die has passed $500 million globally at the box office after 4 weeks of release.

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Posted on: 24th Oct 2021 11:07 pm
No Time to Die has passed $100 Million on the US box office after 3 weeks of release.

This is the 1st film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga to pass this milestone.

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Posted on: 12th Oct 2021 5:23 pm
No Time to Die has passed £50 Million at the UK box office after 2 weeks of release.

It is director Cary Joji Fukunaga's 1st film to achieve this and the 5th film from Daniel Craig.

Posted by: Arshad Khan
Posted on: 5th Oct 2021 4:08 pm
After watching James Bond, and I noticed that the studio executives are trying to put a female Bond, no, this character was written for a male, not, female. The Bond character is the epitome of the Bond franchise. If compared to the last previous two Bond films, eg. Skyfall and Spectre; this hasn't the Sam Mendes touch of the Bond, suave, macho male gritty and not the water downed his character in No Time To Die. Though, it has minute drawbacks and positives. But, it wasn't terrible Bond film, the opposite of it.

What I disliked was the fact that Bond was belittled by his female protege, something which shouldn't be included and it should be edited or removed.

Was it a great story, no, but, decent, nothing to brag about. Some will gripe about being bloated and over 2 hrs and 30mins. Bond character should never be belated by insignificant female character(s) in the film or less masculine.

Finally, if the next Bond is a female, it'll destroy the fabric of James Bond franchise. It should stay a male character, as it is intended from the beginning.

P.S. I like to see Chris Nolan or Tarantula direct the next Bond film.

No Time To Die 2021

163 minutes (2 hours 43 minutes)
United Kingdom
Age rating: 
Release date: 30th September 2021
North America
Age rating: 
Release date: 8th October 2021

Cary Joji Fukunaga
Full cast:
Daniel Craig
James Bond
Léa Seydoux
Rami Malek
Lyutsifer Safin
Lashana Lynch
Ralph Fiennes
Ben Whishaw
Naomie Harris
Rory Kinnear
Jeffrey Wright
Felix Leiter
Billy Magnussen
Logan Ash
Christoph Waltz
David Dencik
Valdo Obruchev
Ana de Armas
Dali Benssalah
Primo (Cyclops)
Lisa-Dorah Sonnet
Coline Defaud
Young Madeleine
Mathilde Bourbin
Madeleine's Mother
Hugh Dennis
Dr. Hardy
Priyanga Burford
Dr. Symes
Joe Grossi
Hotel Porter
Nicola Olivieri
Cemetery Caretaker
Pio Amato
Cemetery Attendant
Javone Prince
MI6 Security Guard
Davina Moon
Madeleine's Receptionist
Mattia Lacovone
Young Shepherd
Giansalvatore Duca
Young Shepherd
Amy Morgan
Alison Smith
Lizzie Winkler
Sarah Jones
Andrei Nova
Bunker Guard
Ernest Gromov
Bunker Guard
Gediminas Adomaitis
Blofeld's Right Hand Man
Andy Cheung
Chinese Businessman
Brigitte Millar
Hayden Phillips
Sir Sebastian D'ath
Winston Ellis
Spectre Agent
Adnan Rashed
Spectre Agent
Rae Lim
Spectre Agent
Chi Chan
Spectre Agent
Denis Khoroshko
Spectre Agent
Lourdes Faberes
Spectre Agent
Philip Philmar
Spectre Agent
Raymond Waring
Spectre Agent
Eliot Sumner
Spectre Guard
Rod Hunt
Spectre Guard
Michael Mercer
El Nido Bartender
Gemmar Mcfarlane
Leighton Laing
Kimo Armstrong
Gordon Alexander
Lab Technician
Rodrig Andrisan
Spectre Member
David Olawale Ayinde
SPECTRE Party Guest
Ahmed Bakare
Spectre VIP Guest
Steve Barnett
Spectre Agent (SA09)
Yasmin Bird
Spectre Guest
Douglas Bunn
Spectre Member
Gianni Calchetti
Ross Donnelly
Hotel Guest
Ali El Khodary
Amor Evans
Cuban Waitress
John Farrer
Casino Player
Iulia Filipovscaia
Russian Worker
Mark Gooden
Spectre Agent
Tuncay Gunes
Spectre Agent
Ty Hurley
Office Male
Lampros Kalfuntzos
Mariia Legun
Laboratory Team
Marian Lorencik
Delivery Worker
Simon Manley
Spectre Bodyguard
Obie Matthew
Spectre Guest
Paul OKelly
Safins Henchmen
Andrew G. Ogleby
MI6 Worker
Andrew Reed
Motorbike Rider
Zoltan Rencsar
Spectre Bodyguard
Toby Sauerback
Tina Simmons
Spectre Member
Clem So
Spectre Agent